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Advent Adds Co. Ltd provides you with an opportunity to work and live in the UK

Step Wise UK Nurse Recruitment Process:
Step 1:    Submission of documents to Advent Adds Co. Ltd – Hard copies and scanned soft copies
Step 2:    Advent Adds Co. Ltd to scrutinize original copies of documents (i.e immediate documents;  Nursing practice license CV) and scan them to open a virtual file.
Step 3:    The candidate is advised to register with Advent Adds to allow the company to send the documents to the UK office to be assigned an employer
Step 4:    Advent Adds  advises the candidate to begin IELTS classes with them to increase chances of achieving the requirement of average 7.0.
Step 5:    The candidate begins the process of processing the other documents with the help of Advent Adds i.e Nursing council certification, International police clearance , Passport and booking to do IELTS when ready.
Step 6:    Submission of the part two documents to the UK offices (step 5).
Step 7:  UK office interviews the candidate and sets the date for the employer interview via skype (can either be done in our office or privately).
Step 8:  The employer recommends the candidate for registration with NMC after a successful interview (the requirements for registration are IELTS and CBT) .
Step 9:    Advent Adds prepares the candidates for CBT , the test booking is done and the candidate gets registered by NMC (is given a unique number) after passing CBT .
Step 10: The employer sends the job offer letter of the candidate through Advent Adds and the same is availed to the candidate for scrutiny and signing before returning a copy to the employer  .
Step 11: NMC and the employer sends documents to Advent Adds through our UK office to process the visa after the candidate goes through a TB screening.
Step 12: Visa and Immigration processing begins upon receipt of sponsorship letter from the UK office.
Step 13: UKVI releases Visa and Immigration travel details.
Step 14: Travel to the UK.
Step 15: Received at the airport by Job Connection and taken to area of operation.
Step 16: Report to duty.

Benefits Included:
• Immigration and Visa
• Processing Fee
• Air Ticket Fee
• Refund of CBT Test Fee
• Refund of IELTs Test Fee

Documents Required:
1. CV detailed with official contacts and address.
2. Professional Practice License.
3. Academic Certificates
4. Certificate of Good Conduct.
5. IELTs Certificate.
6. Identification Card or Passport.
7. Passport Photo.
8. Birth Certificate



British Council
5 Upper Hill Road
Nairobi, Kenya.
Landline: +254 (0) 20 2836000
Airtel: +254 732 117000




9th Floor Fortis Tower
Woodvale Grove, Westlands
P.O. Box 56386
Phone: +254 20 445 2732

If you are motivated and believe that you have what it takes to work in the UK fill the form to register

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