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UK NMC CBT –  Test of Competence

NMC CBT –  Test of Competence for Nurses

The UK NMC CBT is a multiple choice online exam for overseas nurses to get the nursing registration in the UK. Nurses can attend the CBT at our main offices or online too. The CBT comprises 120 multiple-choice questions with time limit of 4 hours to answer it.

Introduction to UK NMC CBT

In October 2014 Nursing and Midwifery Council of the UK introduced the two part NMC test of competence

  1. CBT – Computer Based Test
  2. OSCE– Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Nurses and midwives seeking UK registration who are trained outside the European Economic Area must pass these 2 NMC test of competence. The tests measures applicants against current pre-registration education standards of the UK.

Nursing in the UK is made up of separate and distinct fields of practice. The distinct nursing fields in the UK are:

• Adult nursing

• Children’s nursing

• Learning disabilities nursing

• Mental health nursing

Cost for NMC CBT

NMC CBT costs 10,000 ksh



  • Applicants can sit 3 times as part of one application.
  • If an applicant fails for the first CBT, they must wait a minimum of 10 working days before they can sit the CBT again.
  • If an applicant fails for the third CBT, their application will close. They will be required to wait 6 months before submitting a new eligibility application to take the test again.

Percentage of items from each domain included in the NMC CBT

1. Professional values – Approximately 27%

2. Communication and interpersonal skills – Approximately 10%

3. Nursing practice and decision making – Approximately 33%

4. Leadership, management and team working – Approximately 13%

5. Unique and specific nursing field competencies within each domain – Approximately 17%

The structure of the nursing CBT

120 multiple choice questions of the nursing CBT is made up of:

  1. 50 questions related to generic nursing competencies from the specific domain
  2. 50 questions related to the application of generic nursing competencies on the specific domain
  3. 20 questions related to the specific competencies required for the specific field.